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Alaskan Malamutes for sale

Waiting and mating list for 2020/2021 season(Please contact us to reserve a puppy for any of these litters). Our mating season will consist of the falling dogs-

( These are all estimated breeding's and not guaranteed)

#1 -Sitka/Oreck mating expected summer/fall 2021-Pups expected September 21st

#2- Sikkoo/Oreck mating summer/fall 2021- Pups due September 16th

#3- Nala/Joker mating summer/fall 2021- pups due September 19th

#4- Kyia/Caspian or Joker mating expected fall/winter 2021

#5-Lelo/Oreck mating expected winter 2021

#6- Toga/Caspian expected mating winter 2021

#7- Tundra/Hachi or Oreck mating expected Late fall/winter 2021

#8- Everest/Joker mating expected late fall/winter 2021