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We have a few available Adults needing homes. See them below


Available female: Lelo

Born 9/17/2018

She is same sex aggressive so would do best with a large breed male or as the only dog. No Cats!! She is a couch potato and prefers to just relax but will play fetch if the mood strikes her. 

she is spayed and ready to go. She is a very large female and does have a woolie coat that will require weekly maintenance.

Adoption fee -$300.00


Available  : Wolverine

we would like to see this boy go to a good retirement home, he was returned to us many years ago and has lived out most of his life being a companion to our younger males. He can be growly when food or when medication is given but he has never tried to bite or use force towards his handlers, He is very large and that alone can intimidate some people, but he is more talk then action. due to this behavior I will not allow him to be placed in a home with children. He does well with most males dogs that are not dominate and would do ok with a female of equal size. He is an older dog but is healthy and full of energy. 
Adoption fee-no fee to the perfect home.

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